Slide Shows Available

I enjoy presenting slide shows for libraries, civic groups and clubs.

I have slide programs on the following history topics:

1. Historic Route 3 in Illinois.
2. Lewis and Clark in Illinois.
3. Tales From the Trail: Lewis and Clark.
4. Tales From the Trail: Desperately seeking Sacagawea
5. Tales From the Trail: Oregon Trail.
6. Tales From the Trail: Mormon Trail.
7. Tales From the Trail: Women Going West.
8. Tales from the Trail: George Rogers Clark

9. Abraham Lincoln in Kentucky and Indiana (1809 - 1830) _
10. Abraham Lincoln in Illinois: Decatur and New Salem (1830-1837)
11. Abraham Lincoln in Illinois: Springfield (1837-1860
12. Abraham Lincoln in Illinois: Traveling the 8th Judicial Circuit
13. Abraham Lincoln in Illinois: My Favorite Lincoln Court Cases
14. Abraham Lincoln in Illinois: The Lincoln-Douglas Debates
15. Abraham Lincoln: River Man
16. Abraham Lincoln: Railroad Man
17. Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address

18. Steamboat Stories: Mississippi and Ohio Rivers
19. Steamboat Stories: Missouri River
20. The Cherokee Trail of Tears (Georgia through Illinois
21. The National (Cumberland) Road
22. The Transcontinental Railroad
24. Building the Illinois Central Railroad

I have slides shows concerning Early American History (The French and Indian War}

1. George Washington in the French & Indian War
2. French and Indian War: New York Fo

1. Empire of the Summer Moon
2. Native Americans - Woman's Stories
3. The Sioux War
4. Custer During the Civil War
5. Custer, Indian Fighter After the Civil War
6. Details of the Battle of the Little Big Horn

rts Campaign (William Henry, Ticonderoga, Fort Carillion, Fort #4)
3. Conquered Into Liberty: Battles Along the Great Warpath
4. Washington Was Here: Site where Washington, liver, served visited, and died.
I have slide programs on the American Revolutionary War

1. George Rogers Clark: Revolutionary War Hero in the West.
2. Revolutionary War 1775: Boston Campaign
3. Revolutionary War: 1776: New York and Delaware Crossing
4. Revolutionary War: 1777: Pennsylvania Campaign.
5. Revolutionary War: 1777: The Saratoga Campaign.
6. Importance of Valley Forge (1777-78).
7. Revolution War: 1781: Yorktown Siege and Southern Campaign.

I have new programs on Civil War History:

1. Civil War Medicine
2. Civil War Prison Camps: Andersonville
3. Civil War Prison Camps in Illinois
4. Tactics and Strategies in the Civil War
5. The Railroads During the Civil War
6. Photographing Civil War Sites
7. Photos and Stories: Antietam
8. Photos and Stories: Manassas
9. Photos and Stories: Gettysburg
10. Photos and Story: Fort Donelson
11. Photos and Stories: Vicksburg
12. Photos and Stories: Appomattox
13. Photos and Stories: Petersburg
14. Photo and Stories: Fredericksburg
15. Photo and Stories: Chancellorsville
16. Photos and Stories: Peninsula Campaign / Seven Days.
17. Photos and Stories: Vicksburg Campaign
18. Photo and Stories: Shiloh
19. General Grant in St. Louis, Cairo, and the Battle of Belmont.
20. The Battle of Hampton Roads: Monitor vs Merrimack
21. Ironclad Battles in the Western Rivers 22. The Great Locomotive Chase
23. The B&O Railroad during the Civil War
24. The Illinois Central and the Civil War
25. How Railroads Cost the Confederacy the Civil War

I have NEW slide shows about Dinosaurs and Paleontology

1. The Pursuit of Paleontology
2. Jurassic Park Movies: Did They Get it Right or Wrong?
3. Dinosaur Stories
4. Fundamentals of Paleontology and Dinosaur Hunting

I have slide programs on Native Americans and Custer Stories

1. Empire of the Summer Moon
2. Native Americans - Women's Stories
3. The Sioux War (1856 - 1878)
4. Custer and Cavalry in the Civil War
5. Custer and Cavalry Fighting Indians
6. The Battle of the Little Bighorn - The Full Story

I have slide programs on these photography/nature photography topics:

1. Automatic Wildlife Photography in Illinois
2. Automatic Wildlife Photography in Florida
3. Favorite Bird Photo Sites in Florida.
4. Biology of Birds (Feeding/Breeding of Shorebirds).
5. The Challenge of B-I-R-D/Wildlife Photography.
6. Fundamentals of Landscape Photography.
7. Fundamentals of Travel Photography
8. Beginning Digital Photography.
9. Intermediate Digital Photography
10. Saving the Everglades; Pipe Dream or Possibility?